Dovetail joints – The houndstooth dovetail

The dovetail is one of the most instantly recognisable of all the woodworking joints. Not only does it look good; it’s also an incredibly strong and efficient construction. Here’s a particularly attractive variation on the theme The design of the dovetail joint gives it considerable mechanical strength, needing little adhesive to hold it. The joint is also seen as the ...

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Garden planter

In this extract from Woodworking from Offcuts, Woodworking Guru shows us how to make this garden planter using just a few pieces of leftover decking. When making anything for use outside, select a material that is fit for purpose. This garden planter is made from iroko (Milicia excelsa) sourced from decking material; it requires the minimum of finish for it ...

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A Tree House – Tree of heaven

This is a heart-warming tale of how one young American couple took their housing needs into their own hands. It may be somewhat unorthodox but it’s very practical and utterly charming! Carpenter Dave Herrie always loved the open air. He had a desk job, but he hated it. Born in Westbrook, Connecticut, he took a break and hiked the length ...

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Student Desk – Part 1: Spindly legs

The Woodworking Guru is asked to make a desk with a large work area, which is easy to move around and capable of hiding clutter. When our daughter went to university, I thought it would be nice if she had a small reminder of home to take along. I was thinking a photo, or perhaps a nice notebook, but she ...

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Mortise & Tenon – No glue

Loose-wedged Mortise & Tenon

No glue here! The Woodworking Guru looks at the loose-wedged mortise & tenon joint, an easy, strong and attractive joint for a variety of applications Not all woodworking joints are held in place with glue. In fact, there are circumstances where it is useful for a joint to be easy to dismantle – for instance, so that a large piece ...

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